The John Torrance Supersite!

I am the John Torrance who...

  • Grew up in Kearny, New Jersey
  • Has written software forever
  • Went to Marietta College in Ohio
  • Lives in Colorado
  • I am not the John Torrance who...

  • Wrote a book on Marxism
  • Lived in Scotland in the 1800's
  • Has a MySpace page
  • Owned a Seattle sports team
  • Invented condensed soup
  • Did I send you spam?

    If you're here because you received spam from "", please note that I am not sending that. Spammers are just "spoofing" my domain, along with thousands of others, to mislead recipients as to where the spam came from..

    How to Port Your Phone Number Off of PagePlus

    If you've tried porting your PagePlus number to a service that is NOT a Verizon reseller, you know it can be quite tricky. This is the easiest way to do it.

    Installing a cruise control

    My mother asked me to install a cruise control in her car, which didn't come with a cruise control. Here are my tips and tricks.

    Brewing Beer

    I took up the hobby of brewing beer. I wrote a few things on brewing that I thought I would share.

    Fixing a GE Dishwasher that won't drain

    I have a GE dishwasher that has the common problem of not draining after a few years of use. Here is how I fixed it.

    Fixing a Hamilton Beach Panini Press

    I have a Hamilton Beach 25450 Panini Press that stopped working. Turns out, that's common. Here is how I fixed it.

    Always under construction

    As always, this website is a work in progress...