Unauthorized repair for Hamilton Beach 25450 Panini Press

Many, many people have found that their Hamilton Beach Panini Press simply stopped working one day. This is a common problem, with a simple cause and simple fix if you're comfortable working with electricity.

Note, this guide ONLY covers the Model 25450, shown below. This is the model I have and this is the model I have repaired.

The cause, as I mentioned, is simple. There is a thermal fuse inside which blows. It cannot be reset, so it needs to be replaced or bypassed. I'm OK with bypassing it, so that's how I will explain it.

I didn't take any pictures, but the description should be easy.


On the bottom of the press, there are two phillips head screws in the middle of the unit (not the ones holding on the legs). Remove those.

The bottom will then come off, but it's still attached by several wires. You will see a white sleeve around one of the wires, which is retained in a clip. Remove the wire from the clip, and slide the sleeve toward the bottom of the unit. This reveals the fuse that has blown.

At this point, all I did was cut out the fuse, strip the ends of the two wires, and twist them together very well. Then I slid the sleeve over the connection and placed it back in the clip. I did not use solder because the solder would likely melt when this thing gets hot.

Place the bottom back on and fasten with the two screws.

That's really it. Yes, this unit is no longer protected by a thermal fuse, but hey, I like to live dangerously. The thing is, that round thing that you'll see while you're in there is the preset thermostat. That thermostat will keep this thing from overheating, which is why I am not worried about replacing the fuse.

If you're really concerned, you can take that fuse to an electronic store or find a matching one online and replace the fuse. Note, I didn't use solder, as I said, and you can't use solder to replace the fuse either. It'll melt. You can't use a traditional crimp fastener either, if it's got plastic on it, because that will melt, too

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