OK, here’s the easiest way to port your number out of PagePlus.

First, make SURE you know your four-digit access code for PagePlus.  It used to simply be the last four digits of your phone number, but recently they have been making people change that to something else.  Your PagePlus account number is your phone number.

Since PagePlus phone numbers are actually controlled by Verizon, porting the number between Verizon and/or Verizon MVNO’s, like PagePlus and Redpocket, is actually easy.  It’s porting to a different carrier or service that proves to be difficult.  So, it’s actually simple to port your number back to Verizon; and it can be done cheaply.  Then you can port it to another carrier. 

Here’s how:

From a phone other than your cell phone, call Verizon Prepaid Customer Support at (888) 294-6804, and wade through the voice prompts until you get a human.  You need a human.  Call back if you can’t get one the first try.  It may take two or three tries.

When you get a human, explain you want to port a number to their prepaid service, and you want to use your existing Verizon-compatible phone.  (Since you’re on PagePlus, you have a Verizon-compatible phone.)  The human will be happy to help you.  Verizon customer support is actually top-notch.

They will ask for the information about the phone, like the MEID, and the number, and the account info from PagePlus.  They will say they are going to issue you a temporary phone number until the port goes through.  This is not an issue.  Choose the “25 cents per minute” plan.  It’s not critical, tho, since you’ll barely use the service.

I had a rep who gave me a $5 credit toward the pre-paid phone, so this didn’t cost me a dime!  If yours does not, read on…

When done with this part (talking to the human) they will transfer you to a computer-voice activated confirmation process that takes a minute or two.

When done with that, after hanging up, immediately dial *228 on your cell phone and select option 1. 

Now, when I did this immediately upon hanging up with customer service, my phone number had ported already, and my phone was ready to go after dialing *228 and a restart… but I didn’t have any airtime.  I didn’t even need to bother with the temporary number, tho, my ported phone number showed as the one on the phone.  Since this was really a Verizon phone number all along, the port was instant.

Now, go to http://login.verizonwiress.com and select Register (on the right) to create a new online account for this phone.  Using the phone number and your zip code (which you gave to the human) you can do this easily.  If your human didn’t give you a credit, you can buy a $5 credit online with a credit card once you set up the account. Note, though, that a promised $5 credit MIGHT take an hour to show up, so be patient

Anyway, as soon as you can make a call with your prepaid phone, your account is active and now, you can FINALLY port the number somewhere else!

To port elsewhere, you will need your new Verizon account number.  This is NOT your phone number, and for some reason they don’t show you your account number on the screen when you’re viewing your account online.  But, you can get it.   While logged in, right click on the screen, and select “View Page Source” or whatever the equivalent menu option is in your browser.  Search for the string “aNumber”; it looks like the screen shot below, next to “aNumber”.  THAT is your account number.   Some places say you need to add ‘-00001’ to the end of your account number when porting.  YOU DO NOT.  Just use this ten digit account and the PIN you setup when speaking to the human.  You can use that info to port this Verizon number anywhere else, easily without all the hassles of PagePlus! Just keep in mind that porting off of Verizon to another non-Verizon carrier may take a couple of days.